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Hi, I'm Beth Porter


I've been in the design industry for over 17 years. I trained as a fashion designer and explored many industries and product categories across my professional career. Some of the recognizable brands I’ve supported along my journey include: Target, Abercrombie & Fitch, Pampers, Oshkosh B’Gosh, Pepto Bismol, Charmin, Always & Tampax, Huggies, Olay and even Nordstrom.

The short of it —

Like many open & awake hearts, I left corporate life, following the thread of my inner truth, inspiration and desire. And in this present moment, for now, I’m here. I run two sides of my business which I consider at their core, the same mission of liberating authenticity. Earth & Ether Healing and Earth & Ether Creative. I work 1:1 with both healing & brand clients. My time is spent in devotion to creation and healing to cultivate more beauty, truth and love in this world of ours.

Creative Director • Intuitive • Healer

Founder of Earth & Ether Healing


Philosophy —

At the core, I'm not interested in branding. I'm interested in the expression of truth.

I make myself available for all the ways in which your truth desires to be expressed. Expression comes through multidimensional vehicles such as the visual tone, color combinations, energetic intention and other sensorial outfits.

My role is to facilitate the creation and curation of the correct combination of elements to perform a living orchestration of your brand. Your brand is much, much greater than the individual pieces it contains (logo, color palette, font, etc). It is the WHOLE. Just as you, individually, are much greater than your outer appearance.

Here, at Earth & Ether Creative, we are deeply honored to support your heart-led business. We are here to bridge between the unseen world (where the spirit of creativity, our soul expression, spaciousness & the dance of divine inspiration lives) and the tangible world (all of the real-world, physically felt manifestations of life). This is brand alchemy. This is what I call Branding for the New Paradigm.

My team of beautiful, intelligent humans who I love deeply 


Katy Long

Designer + Heart Led Healer

My Ride-or-Die Sister who has been walking me home since 2010


Katy Long is a heart led creative who brings ideas to life. Her work as a brand designer is both intuitive and collaborative. She loves making sigils, herbal cocktails and caring for the plants & animals on her permaculture farm in Arizona.

Jimena Perea


Designer + Strategist

My Grounding Projector Visionary who I'm pretty sure was my teacher in a past life


Jimena Perea is an all around art enthusiast devoted to exploring the interconnectedness between source/divinity & the human condition and encouraging our authentic expression to lead the way in our businesses & relationships.

Website Developer + Creative

My Second Brain who makes my Virgo-rising heart go pitter-patter with her organization skills


Jean-Marie is a WWOOFing, extroverted Leo (sun + rising!) with a passion for project management, extreme organization, and organic vegetable gardening. She's been working at design agencies in NYC & Philadelphia for 10+ years as a Project Manager, Digital Producer, and Director.

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