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Custom Brand Identity
a 7-day Brand Immersion



For some, branding is an afterthought. For you, it is an intentional, energetic tool. 

Branding is a tool and a portal for your business to operate from its highest energetic alignment at any moment in time. Whether you're new to the game or in need of a rebrand, we've got you.


The What


This is for you if you're just starting out or looking to rebrand. A Custom Brand Package Includes:

  • Brand World (including the following)

    • Brand Style Guide

    • Brand Attributes

    • Mood Board

    • Color Palette

    • Logo Mark(s)

    • Secondary Assets (as needed: icons, patterns, additional logo lockups)

    • Font Pairings

    • Design executions inspiration & direction

  • Custom Pinterest Board

  • 10+ Curated, ready-to-use stock images

  • Custom Branded Collateral Items (up to 4 pieces)

  • 3 Live Sessions

    • Kick Off Session (Opening Ceremony)

    • Midweek Check-in Session (Progress Review)

    • Onboarding Session (Closing Ceremony)

The How

Our Co-creation Process


Step 1: Inquiry & Alignment

Fill out the application form and we will be in touch to schedule a discovery call. I want to connect with you to make sure there is resonance and alignment as creation is an intimate process. This offering is a high-value brand-immersion, where the whole week is dedicated to bringing your brand into form. For this, we require your availability during the week of your project to maintain an active dialogue on the work.


Step 2: Book Your Spot & Complete the Prep Work

Complete the contract, invoice and brand-intake form. Select your Brand Immersion Week which includes:

  • Opening Ceremony with Brand Energy Alignment Session (2hr)

  • Midweek Check-in Session (1hr)

  • Closing Ceremony / Transfer Session (1hr)


Step 3: Opening Ceremony

This 2 hour session is split into two parts. The first half is dedicated to reviewing your brand-intake form and connecting into your overall vision. The second hour is an offering and alignment to the creation of your brand. Through an energetic clearing, we will address any hesitations, fears, resistance or blocks you are currently carrying with your business, and invite your brand to co-create with us in this immersion. This process symbolizes a "handing over the keys" for us to drive the vehicle of your brand during our time co-creating.


Step 4: Creation & Midweek Check-in

Our team will spend the week creating for you. I tap in energetically for any additional creative guidance and share my findings with you. We will meet for a midweek check in, prior to which you will receive a WIP (work in progress) preview of the work so you can record your get first impressions in your own energy. After our check-in, my team will continue the work until it is complete.


Step 5: Closing Ceremony & Transfer Session

In this last session, we will metaphorically hand the keys back to you! Meaning, we'll deliver your brand and onboard you and your team with a seamless implementation strategy. *If needed, this package includes 1 hour of design revisions, should that be required to bring our co-creation to completion.


All of this • in 7 days • we work with one client at a time, so your brand gets all our love & attention 


Looking for a Website, too? Be sure to include that on your application.

"I didn't even know it was possible to create branding in such a deep and soulful way. Beth saw into the soul of my business and was able to express the power of my work through imagery and design in a way that was better than anything I ever could have imagined. Because she understood me and my brand so well, the deliverables had a visceral affect on me. I felt so seen and understood."

-Alyse B.


What People Are Saying
We create intentional, authentic brands 
that showcase your unique offerings & gifts in this world. 
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