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Custom Website

Design & Development



Squarespace & Wix Only


Are you ready to elevate your brand experience? Let's build a beautiful digital home for your brand.

Your website (AKA Digital Brand Portal) is a sacred home for your work. A place for your community, clients and customers to touch-into your brand energy. It provides a resonant experience calling all those who are meant for you to say YES to you.

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We create custom websites based on your brand's essence — no templates here

Package Includes Design & Build of 6 Pages

Mobile Optimization

Copy Support (you provide all copy to us)

*Squarespace & Wix only

The Process 

Step 1: Inquiry & Alignment

Fill out the application form and we will be in touch to schedule a 20 min discovery call. We will connect to ensure we share a resonance before we co-create your digital portal. Please note: for your site to be delivered on our accelerated timeline, we require your availability during the week of your project to maintain an active dialogue on the work.


Step 2: Book Your Spot & Complete the Prep Work

Complete the contract, invoice and website prep-work. Choose the date that aligns best with your schedule. We will get everything started with a Kick-Off Session.


Step 3: Design, Midweek Check-in & Development

Creation begins at the start of your week! At the end of the 2nd day of your week, we will share your website for design feedback and approval. If needed, we'll meet via zoom to clarify any outstanding details. After design is approved, our team will move to the development stage.


Step 4: Website Delivery

At the close of your week, we will deliver your completed site for a final run-through. We offer 10 days post development to handle any remaining implementation needs (i.e. link adjustments).


Step 5: Celebration!

Time to honor this co-creation in celebration! Share your beautiful new website with pride!

All of this • in 14 days • we work with one client at a time, so your brand gets all our love & attention 


Are you looking for a rebrand? We do that, too. Inquire here.

Happy Clients & Beautiful Websites

I’m getting so many positive comments about my new site! The pop-up email capture is bringing new people onto my list — thank you for having me to do that! I’m in LOVE every time I look at my website. It makes me feel SO HAPPY and I’m so grateful that I had YOU to bring it to life. I had been noodling on what I wanted my dream website to look like for a while. I was scared of cost investment, but mostly, I didn’t know if I would trust anyone to put it together. So... you nailed it — and I knew you would. Thank you!

-Amanda | Mend

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